High Rise Concrete Pumping in Melbourne

At Lion Pumping, we specialise in high rise concrete pumping solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements within the Melbourne high rise industry. With our years of industry experience, we understand the unique challenges presented by high rise projects and can create tailored solutions that ensure safety, speed, and accuracy with our range of specialised equipment. Be sure to get in touch with us for a free quote on our concrete pumps for high rise building projects in Melbourne, which comes with stationary concrete pumps and placing boom pump hire.

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Why Use High Rise Concrete Pumping?

High rise concrete pumping is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to deliver high volumes of concrete quickly at heights. It eliminates the need for manual lifting and hauling of material, reducing labour costs associated with other methods.

Our experienced team of concrete pumpers can reach areas that traditional equipment cannot access due to height or size constraints. When working on high rise buildings with tight spaces, high rise concrete pumping ensures fast delivery and easy manoeuvrability to support some of the biggest projects in Melbourne’s urban high rise industry.
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Equipped For Any Residential, Commercial or Industrial Project

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Reach New Heights For Your Concreting Works With Our Concrete Pumps For High Rise Buildings

Our High Rise Concrete Pumping Hire Provides:

Placing Boom Hire

Lion Pumping provides placing boom hire as part of our total high rise concrete pumping services. We provide placing booms that have high-reach capabilities, allowing you to deliver your concrete quickly and accurately at great heights.

Stationery Static Pump Hire

We also have stationary concrete pumps available for hire, which gives users greater control over the delivery of their high rise concrete pumping and provide accurate and efficient results to large-scale projects in a fraction of the time it would take using other methods.

Serving Greater Melbourne

We serve all Melbourne and Greater Melbourne suburbs, and are willing to travel up to two hours from our business location on 852-854 Cooper St, Somerton. This means even if you’re out in Geelong you can still call us, and we’ll come to you.








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