Line Pump Hire in Melbourne

Almost any construction job is going to need concrete, and the accurate placing of it, to succeed. Lion Pumping provides reliable wet hire concrete pump services to the Greater Melbourne area. We supply the state-of-the-art equipment you need and a capable operator to get your job done, big or small. Lion Pumping provides the personal relationships, experience, safety standards and affordable rates to get your paving or hard-to-access concreting project done.

Line Pump Hire in Melbourne.

Why Wet Hire a Line Pump?

Line pumps are either mounted on trucks or placed on trailers and can otherwise be called trailer-mounted concrete pumps. Steel or flexible concrete placing hoses must be manually attached to the outlet of the machine, linked together and lead to wherever the concrete needs to be placed. Line pumps can pump in far more hard-to-access areas, including near power lines. Compared to boom pumps, line pumps are more versatile, but though they are quite fast, they cannot pump as much concrete as boom pumps at a time. Line pumps are best used for driveways, paving, pools and slabs.

Services We Provide

Lion Pumping is equipped for a wide range of concrete pumping projects, including driveways, house slabs, suspended slabs, columns, walls, footpaths, paving, corefill, tennis courts and footings.

Services We Provide

Transcrete line pumps are designed to be operator friendly and their layout has set the industry standard. They include pipe racks, steel decking and clamp boxes. Transcrete employed a unique method of mounting the pumping module, giving the pump a low hopper discharge height and a wide enough opening to allow a two-truck feed. The pumps can be powered from the truck engine.

Transcrete 2015 Line Pumps

Our Pumps

Our fleet of high-output capacity pumps is continuously growing.

CIFA 2015 Line Pumps

The 2015 CIFA truck-mounted concrete pump was a unique addition to the company’s product line. Its compact nature and easy installation allow it to move quickly between construction sites usually unreachable to bigger pumps. The CIFA 2015 is equipped with a S6 open circuit pumping unit and all the reductions necessary to realise a complete line. This pump is perfect for screeds of apartments, basements and car parks.

Our Pumps
Lion Pumping
Lionex Pumping

Equipped For Any Residential, Commercial or Industrial Project

Lion Pumping
Lionex Pumping

State-Of-The-Art Line Pumps For Hard-To-Access Places.

Serving Greater Melbourne

We serve all Melbourne and Greater Melbourne suburbs, and are willing to travel up to two hours from our business location on 852-854 Cooper St, Somerton. This means even if you’re out in Geelong you can still call us, and we’ll come to you.








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